Terms and Conditions for Junk Removal

We currently provide on-demand junk removal for existing customers only.  Pricing is subject to change at any time.  Items limited to the pre-approved junk removal list and may change from time to time.  Call our office for the most current price list.

All rates are subject to item inspection and may incur additional charges due to unusual weight, shape or other components or set aside items, as "We Do Not Accept".  Large size appliances may require separate scheduled disposal based on components and weight. No hazardous or regulated waste of any kind can be accepted.  List below and may change at anytime based on local regulations of what may be considered regulated or hazardous waste and requires a special permit for handling and disposal.

We do NOT accept the following items. They will be left behind. Please dispose of properly.

Food, Yard & Building Waste

●    Bricks & Rebar

●    Cement

●    Chemicals

●    Compost

●    Construction Debris

●    Dirt

●    Food  (except residual household waste)

●    Paint

●    Plants & Trees

●    Yard Waste

●    Liquids

Dangerous or Regulated Waste 

●    Asbestos

●    Ammunition

●    Biological or Bio-Hazardous Waste

●    Explosives

●    Fluorescent Bulbs

●    High Pressure Cylinders

●    Medical Waste

●    Radioactive Materials

●    Mattress with bedbugs

●    Sharps or Syringes

Flammable Products

●    CO2 Cartridges

●    Diesel Fuel

●    Fire Extinguishers

●    Gas / Oil Mix / Auto Fluids

●    Helium Tanks

●    Home Heating Oil

●    Kerosine

●    Lighter Fluid

●    Propane Tank

Additional items may be added or further specified on: