Trashscouts is a division of Bay Area Waste Services.  We have been providing Push and Pull and other onsite waste maintenance solutions to commercial and multifamily properties in the Bay Area since 2015.  

As more cities develop and place dumpsters and carts deeper into parking garages, tight enclosures or far into back of buildings, Push and Pull service has become more important.  But as the need for Push and Pull service grows, so has the need to adjust with the changing environment of each building.

BA Waste is proud to introduce SCOUT SERVICE.  Utilizing our custom built service truck, designed to lift and transport heavy and difficult to move dumpsters to the curb, our service is the safest and most reliable to ensure your dumspters are brought to the curb and returned on time and everytime.

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Our mission is to provide professional and valuable onsite waste services for multifamily, commercial and industrial properties