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In 2015, Bay Area Waste Services began, with a vision to help apartments, condominium communities and commercial properties address the complex and costly dilemma of Push and Pull Service.  

As we began our service offerings, we proudly started with several residential property owners in Oakland, California, who were simply excited to learn their was an alternative option then paying their hauler.

By 2018, Bay Area Waste Services rebranded their name to Trash Scouts, after delivering our new Scout Service with our new custom built Scout Truck, giving us the ability to transport heavier and more difficult to move dumpsters that were traditionally unsafe or too heavy for traditional Push Pull Service.  Our Scout Service has helped us reach more customers and expand our scope of services from multifamily apartments to large commercial business parks to busy retail shipping centers and more.  

As our business has grown over the last 5 years, our customers needs have continue to evolve with new challenges and opportunities.  For example, many Bay Area cities are rolling out organics (Compost) collection to comply with SB1383, haulers and cities are enforcing contamination fees to improve waste diversion and sizable overflow fees have increased for not having your lid shut.  Property owners are finding that managing an effective waste and recycling program can be time consuming and costly.  With the addition of the expanded waste reduction programs, their is also less available real estate for property owners to house the assortment of new containers and dumpsters - thus requiring someone to properly manage these programs.

Today, Trash Scouts provides an extensive offering of on-site waste services, throughout the Bay Area, seven days a week.  We have expanded our service offerings to from doorstep collection to cardboard baling, sanitizing and disinfecting containers to assistance with reporting on contamination and right-sizing.

As we continue to grow and develop our solutions, we are also constantly working to become better stewards of our environment and supporting ways to leave a positive impact for our team members, our customers and the communities we serve.  


TrashScouts are members of the Better Business Bureau, East Bay Rental Housing Association, Berkeley Property Owners Association, Northern California Recycling Association and actively partnering with various nonprofit groups such as Keep Oakland Beautiful.  For a list of our partners and groups we actively work with, serve and support - check out our community page.


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