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Property Mangement 

Trash Scouts proudly serves property management firms in various sizes, from small boutique management companies to large national firms.

Boutique Property Management Companies

Our customers are local, boutique management firms, that may manage a mixture of Single-Family Homes and Multi-Unit Properties.   They understand and value the importance of being able to pickup the phone and speak with someone who can have quick and actionable results.  They've built successful vendor partnerships that help highlight their services, while simplifying their staffing needs.  Trash, Garbage, Recycling, this is generated every day and often times, it can be very time consuming and for many smaller, local management companies, we operate as an extension of your services to help you solve these problems fast and conveniently.

Multi-state and National Property Management Companies
Finding a local partner to meet the needs related to waste and recycling can be difficult.  We are proud to be local and small business, but we are big in solutions and capabilities.  With a combination of over 15+ years experience in the waste and recycling industry, our team can solve the issues facing your property and have the foresight to help you achieve your waste management goals.  We are fully insured to meet your requirements and have  the technology, equipment and systems in place to keep up with the high demands of your Class A Building, retail shopping center, our multi-acre residential communities. 


7 Reasons to remove this task from your maintenance staff or resident manager 

  • Reduce Liability:  Transporting the dumpsters or carts out to the curb has been long associated with assigning to a resident manager or onsite maintenance staff member.  This task can be very labor intensive, and if not properly trained or using the right equipment and techniques, could result in injury.


  • Time Commitment:  Assigning garbage tasks to a maintenance staff member could be a huge time commitment.  Properties commonly have a minimum of 1 per week pickup for various waste streams - landfill (trash or garbage), recycling, and compost.  These pickup days on average is 2 different days, but it many cases, can even be 3 different days.  This would require your maintenance staff members to be on site 6 times per week on average roughly.  Our customers on average said they save about 3 hours per week, when broken down 30 minutes to arrive onsite, pullout the containers, then 30 minutes to return, arrive on site and pushback the bins, costing most management companies on average between $90-$150 per week


  • Phone Calls due to service Interruptions:  Pickup for commercial and multifamily can face service interruptions.  In 2021, we analyzed data from 100 buildings we service each week, and found that 12 of 52 weeks, a property encountered some form of service interruption – that’s 23%.   Common service interruptions were:

    • Vehicle blocking access to the dumpster or cart for the hauler

    • Door or Garage not opening

    • Contamination in their recycling or compost container

    • Dumpster or Cart not out curbside for pickup

    • Broken or unserviceable container

    • Dumpster or cart missing

    • Trash or bulky waste blocking the dumpster or cart

    • Overflowing dumpsters

Service interruption such as missed pickups or containers not getting pulled out on time, can leave property managers scrambling to deal with overflowing waste, upset residents, paying for service they are not receiving, which usually means having to call and coordinate with your hauler.  These calls can be time consuming and frustrating.



  • Reliability and Peace of Mind:  Having to rely on a resident manager or maintenance person, no matter how dependable they may be, all need a day off, vacation or may need to handle property emergencies.  Assigning this to a vendor can give you the peace of mind that you handed off this responsibility to a company that has a sole focus on managing your garbage needs, so your resident manager or maintenance person can focus on other pressing areas.


  • Additional Eyes and Ears:  Many properties we service each week, are visited on average of 4 x per week - based on recent analysis of 100 properties we surveyed.  This means our team is seeing your property often, each week, during different times throughout the day and can be a helpful aid to report, photograph, and coordinate anything we see out of the ordinary that you should be aware of, so you can get in front of it before it becomes a major problem.  This is one way property managers can proactively assess their building conditions on a weekly basis to identify maintenance opportunities.  Common reports that have helped the property managers we serve:

    • Illegal and/or bulky waste left behind.  We can typically remove most items within 24-48 hours from spotting it

    • Unauthorized use of containers - this helps residents and employees know how the containers are being used

    • Broken or damages doors, gates, or windows 

    • Damaged or non-functioning lights

    • Trip Hazards

    • Water Damage or leaks

    • Pest and unusual Odors


  • Tailored Solutions for Each Building:  Many properties were not built to accommodate the amount of waste and different streams we collect today, such as compost or single stream recycling.  We can help by providing solutions that are specific to the needs of the building, leaving property managers to allocate more resources or make changes to the collection and disposal methods for their tenants, such as changing dumpsters to plastic carts, or relocating dumpsters from trash rooms to a parking space.  Many older properties we service have unique challenges, which we are prepared to tackle.   Below are some of the challenges we see buildings face that we can support:

    • Bins located in difficult areas to access or transport thru, such as tight walkways, stairs, escalators, elevators

    • Bins located on different floors throughout the building that need to be transported down to the dumpsters

    • Dumpsters in basements or garages that need to be brought or down to street level


  • Experts in our field:  We know waste and the companies that make it move.  If your trash or recycling program is facing challenges or could benefit from improvements, we likely have dealt with it in the pass or know who to call, coordinate and get you results.  Trash related goals and objectives can differ from each property owner and their goals, but below is a list of things we accomplished over the last few years and that property managers found valuable:

    • Order, installation and training of compactors and balers

    • Order, install and train staff with specialized equipment, such as lifters, waste tuggers or other handling equipment

    • Waste Sensor Installation or removal

    • Waste Audits and Reporting

    • E-waste Collection

    • Removal of illegally dumped or bulky items

    • Chute repair and cleaning

    • Disinfecting and sanitizing of trash bins and rooms

    • Trash Room/Area Power Washing

    • Staff and tenant Training (onetime or scheduled) on your waste and recycling program

    • Door Step Collection – we can transport your tenants waste directly from their door step to the dumpsters.  


  • Add Value to your portfolio of service: Managing a successful trash program has become more than just a checklist for maintenance staff.  It can be time consuming, difficult, and costly if not handled properly.  We work to partner with our customers to provide an in-depth solution that may want to add to their portfolio of services.  Adding our services is a turnkey way to ensure no tasks that may pose a liability or time constraint to residents occurs - this is especially important when taking on a new property, as trash can be something that easily gets overlooked until it begins pilling up.


Areas We Service

We cover most of the San Francisco, Bay Area, including all of Alameda County, Contra Costa County and parts of San Mateo County.  We have daily routes, seven days per week in the following cities: 
Albany,  Alameda,  Berkeley,  Brentwood, 
Castro Valley,  Concord,  Danville,  Dublin, 
El Cerrito, El Sobrante,  Emeryville,  Foster City,  Fremont,  Hayward,  Oakland,  Piedmont  Pittsburgh,  Pleasanton,  Richmond,  San Leandro,  San Pablo,  San Francisco,  San Mateo,  Palo Alto,  San Ramon,  Union City,  Walnut Creek​

If your city is not listed here, please contact us for a quote, we may already be in town.
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