Our Services

Scout Service 

We arrive on site prior to pick up day and transport your bins to the curb for service.  We return them as soon as the bins have been serviced by your hauler.  Our service is a generally lower in price than your hauler and reduces liability or injury from having employees or tenants to perform this.

Push and Pull Service

Our team will provide push and pull your carts and containers curbside.  This service is for locations that may not need our custom service truck, such as containers that need to be transported through elevators or within the building.  This service is available through our division Bay Area Waste Services


With each service, you can count on us for the following:

- A light sweep around the waste enclosure after each service

- We coordinate with your hauler on late or missed pickups, broken or missing containers

- We will be eyes are ears for your program and alert you with photos regarding contamination, overflow or illegal dumping