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 A robust assortment of services to help building owners, property managers and maintenance staff handle the waste that is generated on site to save time, money and resources

Push Pull Services and
Scout Services

Our Push Pull Services / Scout Services are designed
to safely, quietly and reliably transport your containers
from their designated collection locations at your property to the curb for service by your waste and recycling hauler on the designated pickup day.
This service is may be described differently in each city.  Some providers call this "backyard service" or "difficult to service" or may appear on your invoice as a "distance charge" or "placement fee".   

We are properly equipped to handle heavy and difficult to move dumpsters thru long driveways, elevators, basements or other unique layouts to get your carts or dumpsters curbside, 100% of the time.


Monitoring Service

Some properties may not need Push and Pullout Services or Scout Services, but still require a significant amount of time to manage the day to day trash generated on site.

We build tailored monitoring plans, expanding your support, with a trusted waste partner, providing weekly to daily inspections over the trash room, collecting important data points, to ensure, the waste area is running the way you want it. 

We are equipped and knowledgable to address the problems that develop from issues such as missed pickups, contamination, overflowing refuse containers, and common problems, so when these issues arise, we are prepared with solutions to meet your needs.

Value Added Services Included

Clean Sweep

After each service, our team will provide a light sweep of the waste enclosure to ensure left over debris is disposed back into the appropriate containers


Our team completes verification photos after each service and can help provide on-demand information on the usage levels, so you can properly right size your services.  We also will inform if you if there is any issues that can impact your service.

Hauler Coordination

We coordinate directly with your hauler if they are late or a miss pickup occurs.  We also coordinate bin repairs or replacements to save you time and the hassle of making these calls

Professional and Safe

Trash Scouts will always be in professionally uniformed safety vest, in clearly identified vehicles ready to service your property safely and reliably

Other On-Site Waste Services offered

Bulky Item Removal and Disposal

We can spot bulky or illegally dumped items quickly and provide quick removal and disposal if it does not fit into

your bins.  This will help reduce overflow and deter further unauthorized dumping.

Tenant Education and Training

Waste and recycling education program and procedures training for your tenants, employees or other stakeholders, including maintaining signage and other custom material - provided on scheduled or as needed 

Common Area Waste Collection

Our Trash Scouts can collect trash, recycling and compost from common areas, such as trash closets/chute areas, kitchens, hallways, basements, courtyards, parking lots, and even doorstep/valet service

Compactor Services and baling services

We can run your compactors, rotate full and empty containers as needed, and port compactor bins throughout your community for centralized collection.  We can equipment repairs and scheduled maintenance for your trash compactors and cardboard balers.

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Partnering with the right vendor takes the right solution and the right level of assurance.  We work with industry leaders who expect us to meet their vendor credentials.  We are proud to satisfy those requirements and may already be registered with your vendor credentialing provider.

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