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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Push Pull Service?
    Push Pull Service is the process of moving your waste carts, bins or dumpsters to the curb for pickup by your waste and recycling hauler. Push Pull Service has exisited for many years and was a large part of the waste collection over the years, but as national and regional waste haulers such as Waste Management and Republic Services began to explore ways to become more efficient and service more properties, they began charging for this service, causing many property owners to explore options, such as having a resident manager or maintenace person handle this. With large dumpsters for landfill, recycling and compost colleciton, being pickuped 1-6 days per week, this task can take hours per day, often taking up valable resources and can be unsafe for someone who is not trainned or adequetly prepared, which is why many property managers, building owners and others are opting to hire Trash Scouts to handle their Push and Pull Services.
  • What is the difference between Push Pull Service and Scout Service?
    Push Pull Service is the traditional method of transporting carts or dumpsters manually with one or two indiviudals to the curb. Scout Service utilizes our a Scout Truck to mechnically lift and transport dumpsters to their designatied location. While both can meet your needs, the Scout Service allows us to move dumpsters up heavy driveways or through far distances that would otherwise be safe for someone to move manually. After our site survey, we will determine what will be needed to safely and securly service your property. Many property managers have found that by using our Scout Service, they have been able to relocate dumspters to locations that were previously inaccessibale, thus freeing up valuable real estate, such as walk ways or parking areas or consolidate individual plastic carts and move into dumpsters creating a cleaner and simple system.
  • Doesn't my waste hauler provide this service?
    That depends. Some haulers are limited to moving containers only a few feet from the curb. While many do provide Push Pull service, they may also be charging much higher rates, including an arrary of other cost, such as fees to utilize keys, access doors and gates, distance from the trash room to the curb and difficulty. We keep our prices simple and competitive. In addition to our Push Pull service, we provide a number of other services at no additional cost, such as a light sweep, redistibuting of visible overage or recycables into the correct containers, and direct coordination with your hauler if their appear to be late to ensure if your container is missed, it is recovered or you a properly credited.
  • Who do you service?
    We serve ay property that generates waste and needs support to manage their on-site waste needs. Our clients range from retail shopping centers and large residential highrise communites to small fourplexes. No property is too large or too small.
  • Our bins are heavy and located in a difficult location, how will you move them?"
    We pride ourselves on a safety first approach. We operate 1 and 2 person routes to ensure we handle each bin with safety and care. When needed, we utilize our custom built Scout Truck, whcih will mechnically lift and transport heavy and difficult to move dumpsters. We utilize propery equipment to safely secure your dumpster at the curb, such as wheel stops and safety chains.
  • When do you service and what if you are not ontime?
    We have an excellent track record and have built our track record over the past 5 years of being safe and highly reliable. With 5.0 on Google Reviews, 5 Star Rated on Yelp, and A Rated on the Better Business Bureau, being ontime and reliable is the foundation of our business. We pullout containers strategically either the night prior or in the early morning of service. We utilize a custom built application that allows our team to see exactly what locations need to be service and provide 24/7 view of all locations that have been service or remain open. If for any reason, there is an issue such as a missed pickup, we coordinate directly with your waste hauler to determine the next steps to get your dumpster recovered.
  • What size bins do you service?
    We can service all types of bins from small individual carts, to large dumpsters, to custom built compactor units. From custom built units that need to be transported through elevators to carts that need to be moved through stairways, we are prepared to meet the needs of your property.
  • How do we get started?
    Call us today at 510-788-0462 to get a free estimate. We will complete a site survey, confirm your service schedule, and have a quote over in usually 24 hours. If you like our proposal, we can typically begin service, within one week.
  • What else do you provide besides Push Pull Services?
    Our mission is to simplify and maximize your waste and recycling program. Check out our Services page to learn what else we offer. From Doorstep service, disinfecting and sanitizing serivice to onsite cardboard baling, we are constantly developing unique solutions for our customers. If you dont see it, contact us today to find out if we can build out a tailored program that meets your needs.
  • What cities or counties do you service?
    We cover most of Alameda and Contra Costa County. We are expaling into San Mateo and San Francisco County. Contact us today to see if we area able to service your area.
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