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Helping Properties Handle Waste Generated Onsite
A new California State law (SB 1383) requires residents and businesses to keep food and other compostable materials out of landfills to help fight climate change.
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We provide an assortment of onsite services to manage the waste you generate in the spaces you live or work. 
Our core services includes Push and Pullout Services, Scout Services, Junk Removal and disposal, Pressure Washing and other onsite maintenance services that make managing the waste easier and more cost effective, so you can get back to doing what you do best.
We focus on providing onsite support services that start in the Trash Room.  We provide a number of different services, with the goal to help give you back the time you've been spending on handling the waste and recycling generated at your property.  We meet the daily and weekly needs of transporting your trash dumpsters, recycling bins, compost carts or any other type of container to the curb or designated location on pickup day for your hauler to service.  Our primary service is focused around getting your dumpsters placed curbside so it can be serviced ontime by your waste and recycling hauler.

This service is usually described as Push and Pull Service, Distance Backyard Service or Scout Service, or may show up on your invoice as a staging fee, distance fee, or placement fee.
Our team is meeting the needs of the most unique properties throughout the Bay Area.  Whether your dumpsters need to be transported out of an underground garage, basement, tight trash rooms, through elevators, our team is trained and equipped to get your bins to the curb on pickup day safely and reliably.  
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Your property is unique and you deserve a team that can help you simplify the handling of the waste and recyclables, generated at your property.  This can be complicated!  You've got to ensure your tenants or staff use the bins correctly.  You need to get the dumpsters, carts or bins, transported through stairs, elevators, declines, inclines, gates, doors or other obstacles safely and on time.   All of this can be a difficult and take up valuable resources that you depend on from your resident manager, janitorial team or your maintenance staff.
Trash Scouts will build a custom program to ensure you are making the most of your waste and recycling services and get your dumpsters to the curb on time, 100% of the time all without taking away valuable resources you depend on to manage and keep your property running smoothly.


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In 2023, we surveyed 100 properties we serve each week. Here is what we found

76% said we helped them stay compliant with regulations, such as contamination, overflow or signage
Property Managers and owners said we freed up on average 3 hours per week from their maintenance staff
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Properties saved an average of 24% on their monthly waste and recycling cost
87% said their trash rooms or enclosures were cleaner and or better maintained


Started in Oakland, CA, originally as Bay Area Waste Services in 2016, with a simple mission to assist multifamily residential apartments and commercial buildings, who were struggling to find solutions to get their heavy and difficult to move dumpsters or carts to the curb on pickup day.

Today, we move thousands of carts, dumpsters, garbage bins, compactors, every week for hundreds of properties 7 days per week, rain or shine, day and night. We now provide a robust assortment of on-site services for trash generated on the property from cardboard baling, door step collection or valet waste removal, to pickup of bulky items and more.

We are not stopping here, our mission today is to remove the hassle, time, stress and high cost of managing the refuse from your properties and spaces you live and work.

Trusted by municipalities, businesses, property managers and more throughout the Bay Area

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Bay Area Waste is a company I have on contract for several buildings I manage. The crew pulls out dumpsters for the trash company then brings them back in. They also clean up the dumpster areas and take pictures of what they do. They also pickup any dumped items usually same day! They are VERY responsive!                                                                                                                                                                                   - David R.
                                                           Property Manager



Step 1

We perform a quick site survey to ensure we can safely and reliably meet the needs of your waste management goals

Step 2

Once we identify your needs, a proposal will be sent and upon approval, we can begin servicing your property the following week or sooner.
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Step 3

Allow us to handle the rest, from push and pull service, monitoring overflow, a light sweep after each service and any other tailored service for your property.

Featured in
Waste Advantage Magazine

In this article, we outline 10 helpful tips to get your dumpster curbside, which we've learned over the years

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Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 10.02.02 AM.png

October 2021 Issue

#1: Get Ready
Warm up your body and stretch those muscles.  Being properly stretched and warmed up prior to lifting, pulling, or pushing your dumpster or cart can improve balance, muscle coordination, reduce fatigue and greatly decrease the risk of injury.

#2: Get Fitted
Wear the right attire. Use proper gloves, shoes and eyewear. Good shoes—ideally steel toe, will provide good footing. The right gloves will give you grip when you are handing the containers.  Eyewear can help you avoid any loose debris or dust that may fly around.  If you are moving the container at night or a dark area, such as an alleyway, or garage, consider a headlamp and high visibility safety vest.

#3: Inspect the Bin
Before lifting, pushing or pulling your containers, move it slightly to gauge how heavy it might be. You cannot judge the weight of a cart or dumpster by looking at it. One container may be light, the next could be heavy, filled with material such as food waste.  Ensure that the wheels are functioning and that the lids are shut.

#4: Survey the Area
Examine the trash room before pulling the dumpster or carts out.  Make sure the walking surface is free of trip or slip hazards, sharp protruding objects and clear of pests.  If the bin is inside a trash enclosure or trash room, be sure the trash enclosure/room doors or gates are secured open to provide a clear and accessible path and will not swing open.

#5: Movement
Have a clear and defined path with the shortest distance of travel and smoothest surface. Move slowly with a firm grip on the handles with knees bent, back straight and allow the legs to do most of the work. Avoid twisting your body. If two people are handling the dumpster, have one person direct the move. If you are moving your dumpster on a slope, have a minimum of two people with a third directing their movement.

#6: Zone Off
Drop a safety cone to create a barrier where the dumpster will be placed for collection. This will help keep the area clear of pedestrians, cars or bikes from encroaching into the area while you are moving your dumpster.  Also, avoid any unnecessary stops while moving the dumpster.

#7: Grounds
Avoid traveling through or placing your dumpster in or near potholes, sewers, loose gravel, soft dirt or grass, which can cause the wheels to get stuck or sink. Be extra cautious if it has been raining or snowing, as the ground may be extra moist and slippery.  Ideal placement should be on a flat, hard and smooth surface, such as a paved parking lot or asphalt. 

#8: Placement Area
After you confirmed the location where your hauler will service your dumpster, carefully lean the back wheels against the curb. Use wheel chocks to properly secure the dumpster castors or use castors with castor brakes, which will prevent the bin from rolling or moving.  Shut the lid and add a bin lock to prevent unauthorized dumping or scavenging. Avoid blocking any handicap parking, driveways, bike lanes or other special zones that can prevent the flow of traffic and create a hazard.

#9: Still Too Heavy
If the weight exceeds a safe level for you, consider reducing the bin size or check if your hauler can convert your steel dumpster to a plastic. Plastic dumpsters are lighter and easier to maneuver. If the dumpsters are still too heavy, there are various types of handling equipment designed to help you safely move your dumpster, such as a waste tugger or electric pallet jacks, or hire a company that specializes in push pull and scout services who operate these various forms of specialized equipment, such as Trash Scouts

#10: Still Not Enough Space
If you surveyed the area and do not have enough room to safely secure your dumpsters at the curb, consider converting your dumpsters to carts. If you have multiple dumpsters for various waste streams, go with carts for what you generate the least. You may be able to configure carts much easier at the curb. If you are stacking multiple dumpsters on pickup day, change service days for fewer containers curbside.

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