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A few things to know as you
get started
with your new Trash Scouts Services

Service Alerts

Our team will send emails titled "Service Alert" if their are any issues that could impact your service.  Common Service Alerts are late, or missed pickups, broken or missing containers.  Rest assured, our team will work with your hauler to resolve the issue, and we just want to make sure you are kept in the loop 

Junk Removal

If we notice any large, bulky or excessive waste that cannot fit into the dumpster, we will notify you with pictures and provide an optional service to haul and dispose of those items.  We can remove items within 48 hours.  We also have an optional “Auto Removal”, where upon spotting the junk, we will remove away automatically, so you can have the assurance its taken care of in the fast way possible, to prevent further build up.  We will send you before and after pictures, once complete, and we have a set price list so there are never any surprises.


We take safety first approach.  Our team will arrive in a company identified vehicle, clearly identified safety vest or jacket and follow various safety protocols we have to keep you, our team and your tenants and customers comfortable with our services. 


We send invoices for the next service month every 15th or middle of each month.  We invoice monthly or can send quarterly if preferred.  If a credit card is placed on file, we will process payment by the 7th of that service month.  For ACH payments, we can email you our bank information.

Download our W9 Here

Customer Support

Reach us anytime from our "Customer Support" link on the top portion of our website or email us at for faster response.  You can also contact us directly at 510-788-0462

Clear Access

A clear path and access to your containers to safely push and pullout the carts, bins or dumpsters out for service.  This includes any required keys, remotes or gate codes to get into the building, trash rooms, doors or gates that are needed to access the bins.  If their is excessive junk/waste blocking the path, we will do our best to clear it with the allotted time our team is given and dispose of the waste in the appropriate container, but junk removal may be required.

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