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Time is Money

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We recently had a discussion with a long-time customer as we were passing each other through a building we serve, and we asked her how our service has been going and if we can do anything to improve her experience.

She said that the service has been good and reliable and there has been no issues. We were happy to hear that, she then added “the Push and Pull service is good, but….(uh-oh, there’s a BUT)….

“The most valuable thing Trash Scouts does for me is coordinate all the issues directly with my haulers...this saves me so much time from calling them, being on hold, and you guys address issues faster than I could, since your onsite and see it daily”

This wasn’t the first time I heard that, but it was the first time I put into perspective that we were not just saving customers money on maintenance cost….We are giving customers back their most valuable commodity “Time”. Our services are not just about getting your dumpster to the curb or moving a heavy bin through a garage, it’s about giving our customers back something that they cannot pay for - time. Giving customers some of their time back, so they could do the things that provide them with their greatest return – in her case, it was focusing on leasing out empty units in the building.

Attached is an infographic on the top 5 things, our Trash Coordinators are doing, to give customers back that time and the two rockstars behind it, our Trash Coordinators – Victoria and Nick.

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