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Have you spotted Trash Scouts in the streets of San Francisco?

Over the last few months, we have been working in the streets of San Francisco Department to install sensors the the general public trash bins that you can find on most major sidewalks and pedestrian walkways throughout San Francisco.

We began the project in partnership with City of San Francisco Public Works Department to further expand the deployment of Nordsense sensor technology that will help detect the fullness of these public trash containers in the streets of San Francisco.

These public trash bins are located on almost every major street in San Francisco and you’ve probably seen and used them.

These sensors will monitor the fullness of the bins and can help route trucks from Recology to service them when they are full and avoid going to service bins that are likely empty. The data can help reduce fuel consumption, unnecessary trips and most of all, keep the city streets cleaner.

We are thrilled to be part of any project that makes handling trash more effective for both the haulers, our environment and the community.

Anything that brings something greener, cleaner and smarter to waste collection, we are all about it.

If you see us on the streets of San Francisco working or halfway inside one these trash bins, say 👋.

We’re no Oscar the Grouch

The City of San Francisco is also in the process of choosing their next generation of public trash containers. Check out this link below to give your feedback:

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