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Mystery Junk Removal - A Brand New Service Offering by Trash Scouts

We are starting a new service this month and we are super excited to share. This service is exclusively for the customers we provide weekly Push and Pull service.

Most of our customers are commercial and residential property managers, typically have bulky items and junk that needs to get removed when a tenants or residents moves in or out, season spring cleaning, remodels, or maintenance. There is always bulky items that need to be removed.

Two very common solutions to get rid of your junk or bulky items.

1. Ordering your scheduled bulky pickup that is usually provided by your waste hauler. This is an excellent option when you have buildup of items to dispose of. This is usually included with your hauling service and in Oakland, each

unit receives a bulky pickup each year. Some cities even have drop off locations.

2. If a bulky pickup is not available or you need assistance in moving things out, then a service like 1-800-got junk or Junk King is another option. They can usually remove items from inside your property, and you can call and schedule this as you see fit with your schedule.

Both these options can help you remove junk when you are planning for it. But, what about when the unexpected junk magically appears. The couch, mattress or busted desk that just randomly ends up in the trash room or garage.

This is the gray area that our service is precisely designed to solve. Often, illegal, or unauthorized dumping can go go un-noticed until it becomes a problem, which if not removed quickly, can be an eyesore, a hazard for your tenants and guests, and may promote further unauthorized dumping.

Illegal dumping is simply a problem that affects all of us.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in an article written August 21, 2021, titled “Oakland’s illegal trash-dumping crisis is worse than ever. Here’s why” stated, “Between July 2020 and June 2021, enough garbage landed on the city’s streets, alleys, lots and sidewalks to cover the length of 13 football fields with trash up to a person’s waist, according to a Chronicle analysis.” That is a lot of trash.

We know the problem of illegal or unauthorized dumping doesn’t just occur on city streets or sidewalks. We see this in garages, trash rooms, behind your dumpsters, driveways or other locations on your property.

Last month, we completed an analysis of 100 properties that we service each week for our Push and Pull services. This sample was made up of 100% multifamily units of 4+ units or more throughout the East Bay. During our weekly visits, we spotted large junk/bulky items (too large to fit into the customers dumpsters or carts) at nearly 35% of the properties. We also found that many of the property managers, who were typically off-site, were unaware of the items.

Well, we are here to fix this. With our team at most properties 4 x week to provide our Push and Pull Services based on our current schedules, we can spot these items quickly, remove them, send you a verification photo when its complete, and include the cost in your monthly invoice, all within 24 hours from spotting the items or sooner.

This service will be exclusively for the properties we service for Push and Pull Service on a weekly basis, and hope this bring an added level of convenience to our customers and help reduce illegal dumping.

Below are a few resources to arrange a bulky pickup along with the article we referenced.

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